Shortage of Vehicles

Increased demand for consumer electronics such as smartphones and laptops during lockdown has led to a shortage of semiconductor chips. One of the most widely used components in electronic circuits, semiconductors are crucial for making a wide range of products, and the shortage is disrupting industries worldwide. Take a look at some of the key facts and figures.
How could the shortage affect your fleet?
The shortage has also affected car and van production, exposing fleets to much longer lead times. Up to six months and longer in some cases.

While some manufacturers have removed some of the extra options that require more chips, some are shifting production to models that are in high demand such as low and zero-emission vehicles.

What we can do to help?
If your delivery is affected, we do have access to limited stock vehicles, not only across our all brands, but from other manufacturers as well. However, to help you ease the challenge, we can also help in the following ways:

·     Mileage allowance extensions – keeping vehicles on the road for longer

·     Contract extensions for existing vehicles – minimising downtime

·     Regular updates on lead times – helping you make informed decisions

·     Help with forward planning – anticipating delivery delays

·     Flexible shorter-term solutions – access to Flexi-Rent vehicles

As always, our team is ready to help keep your fleet moving whatever the challenge. If you have questions regarding delivery, new vehicle orders, alternative options, or anything else, arrange a fleet review, and our experts will be in touch.

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